Our History


Glory kindergarten was established in January 1976 and was then known as Glory Children’s Home. It was officially registered with Ministry of Education in 1988 and has recently been approved for Baby Bonus. During the beginning years, we had only about 281 children, and in some years we even went up to an environment of 520 children. Despite the growth in the numbers of childcare centers and Kindergartens, we have still managed to maintain a steady stream of enrollment of about 420 children to date.

Glory Kindergarten has not only grown in size, it has also transformed from a little village kindergarten to a well known kindergarten in the neighbourhood. We have a pool of qualified, dedicated and passionate early childhood educators providing quality care and guidance for learning and imparting correct biblical and moral values to the children in our care. As we move beyond our 44th year, we yearn to strive to develop the child holistically in all learning domains, so as to equip our little ones to face the challenges that are to come.

To the many years to come, all Glory be to God!

Our Mission & Vision


Our Philosophy


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