Glory Kindergarten Curriculum

At Glory Kindergarten, we adopt a thematic approach to learning, complemented by the “Jolly Phonics” programme from the UK and the “Up Down All Around” programme from Australia. All these, together with purposeful play, build towards developing our children in the six learning areas outlined under MOE’s Curriculum Framework, i.e. Aesthetics & Creative Expression; Discovery of the World; Language & Literacy; Motor Skills Development; Numeracy; Social & Emotional Development.

Thematic Learning

Our themes for the whole year are organised by terms, with each theme lasting for ten weeks (one term) and aims at organising and enhancing children’s knowledge on the subject. The various themes are as follows:


  • Term 1 (第一学期) :  Myself  (我)
  • Term 2 (第二学期) :  Nature  (大自然)
  • Term 3 (第三学期) :  Animals  (动物)
  • Term 4 (第四学期) :  Community  (社区)


Language & Literacy

Our daily lessons are conducted in both English and Chinese, where we include the use of a variety of language activities, i.e. rhymes, songs, stories, show & tell, etc. For English Our literacy program, centred on Jolly Phonics, focuses on phonemic awareness, reading, and writing skills. Jolly Phonics lays a strong foundation for the development of children’s reading and writing, introducing each of the letter sounds in an enjoyable and multisensory way. Also, we incorporated weekly English and Chinese Speech & Drama into our curriculum hours.

language Numeracy

In our centre, our numeracy skills are cultivated through the “Up, Down, All Around” Approach, emphasizing foundational math concepts, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving etc. We engage children in activities and games facilitating number recognition, critical thinking, fostering confidence in their mathematical abilities.


 Aesthetics and Creative Expression

Creative expression is encouraged through music, arts and imaginative play. Children in our centre will get to explore various art medium, engage themselves in dramatic play, experiment with rhythm and movement, fostering creativity and expression, and an appreciation for aesthetics. Children will also have the opportunity to showcase their talents in singing and dancing as they put up class performances during out annual N1/N2 and K1/K2 concerts.


Motor Skills Development

Through structured play and physical activities, we aim to enhance gross and fine motor skills. Children learn teamwork, responsibility for their physical well-being, and respect for their own and others’ abilities. In our school, we integrate Sportball program into our curriculum where children will have the opportunity to learn various sports and games in a supportive environment.

motor skill pic

Social and Emotional Development

Our curriculum fosters emotional resilience and build positive relationships through interactive activities. We promote respect for emotions, responsibility in interactions, and godliness in understanding and supporting others.


Discovery of the World

Our curriculum encourages exploration and curiosity about the world around us. Through our thematic learning, nature exploration, cultural activities, children will develop an understanding of diverse cultures as they connect with the world, sparkling a lifelong interest in discovery and learning.


Computer-Aided Education

Other than the above-mentioned six learning areas, we have also incorporated computer lessons into our curriculum for the K1 and K2 classes. Our weekly computer lessons are conducted by EdnoLand.

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